The Loft Market Designer Market

Eco Designer extraordinaire Pamoyo

Very cool Up-cycled designer garments Acevedo

A Talented eco designer Missy Bonkers

For your sewing and design needs: Minevich Studio


Eco Fabric Shops

Supplies amazing soy Jersey: eco earth fabrics

Fabric by the meter from France: Biotissus

Organic LACE! Made and shipped from Slovenia Near Sea Naturals

Large orders only: Westfalen Stoffe

Great printed organic fabric : The Cloth Seller
Another supplier of great soy jersey: British Made Eco
Recycled gift packaging: Tiny Box Company
Recycled felt by the yard: Feltorama


Other places that have helped Salty Philip

Agood place for young designers to show case their work: Designspotter

Collective designer online shop: Catwalk Genius

A friend to all designers and runs an excellent shop in Temple bar: Lucy's Lounge

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